Panasonic NPM-TT2 Pick and Place Machine

Panasonic NPM-TT2 Pick and Place Machine
Max PCB:510 x 590mm
Application components:0402 (01005)
Compatible with lightweight 8-nozzle or 3-nozzle head V2

Panasonic NPM-TT2 Pick and Place Machine


Panasonic NPM-TT2 Pick and Place Machine

The NPM-TT2 (Next Production Modular-Twin Tray II) platform represents the next generation in twin tray modular production from Panasonic’s award-winning NPM platform—ideal for any mix.

Further bolstering the SMT process to accommodate more tray-supplied parts in full independently-run-lane mode, the NPM-TT2 processes boards up to 510 x 590mm and its dual lane functionality allows assembly of more of one product or two different products at the same time.

As common throughout the NPM-series, the NPM-TT2 features a Multi-Recognition Camera that increases processing speeds with a dynamic vertical-view of component condition and eliminating the need for a standard line cameras and independent 3D sensors.

With a new, advanced lightweight 3-nozzle head V2 (100N), pin-in-place lighting option and stackable stick feeders, the NPM-TT2 leads the way in terms of odd-placement capabilities.

Designed to blend seamlessly with other Panasonic NPM-series equipment as well at the NPM-DX, the NPM-TT2 optimizes throughput in a high-volume, dual-lane environment

Features & Benefits

Compatible with lightweight 8-nozzle or 3-nozzle head V2

Part Range: (01005) 0402 chip to 1 20L x 90W x 28T to BGA up to 80 x 80 component range

Process up to 40 trays and 26 fixed tape and reel inputs per side for a total of 92 available inputs

Minimize downtime with pre-pickup smart tray component inspection and interchangeable feeder and tray locations

Compatible with CM and NPM-series intelligent feeders & nozzles





PC size Single-lane mode

L 50 x W 50 ~ L 510 x W 590

PC size Dual-lane mode

L 50 x W 50 ~ L 510 x W 300

M size Single-lane mode

L 50 x W 50 ~ L 510 x W 510

M size Dual-lane mode

L 50 x W 50 ~ L 510 x W 260

PCB exchange time

Single-lane mode

4.0 s (With no component mounted on the reverse side of PCB)

Dual-lane mode

0 s* *No 0s when cycle time is 4.0 s or less

Electric source

3-phase AC 200, 220, 380, 400, 420, 480 V 2.5 kVA

Pneumatic source

Min.0.5 MPa, 200 L /min (A.N.R.)

Dimensions *1 (mm)

W 1 300*2 x D 2 798*3 x H 1 444*4

Mass Weight

2 690 kg Only for main body

Placement head

Lightweight 8-nozzle head
(Per head)

3-nozzle head V2 *5
(Per head)

Placement speed

PC size

18 000 cph (0.20 s/chip)

7 200 cph (0.50 s/chip)
5 900 cph (0.61 s/QFP)

M size

17 460 cph (0.21s/chip)

6 984 cph (0.52 s/chip)
5 723 cph (0.63 s/QFP)

Placement accuracy

± 40 µm/chip
± 30 µm/QFP
 12mm to 32mm

± 50 µm/QFP12mm Under

±40 μm/ chip
±30 μm/ QFP


0402 chip*6 to L 32 x W 32 x T 12

0603 chip to L 150 x W 25 (diagonal152) x T 30



Tape : 4 to 56 / 72 mm

Tape : 4 to 56 / 72 / 88 / 104 mm

Specifications for front/rear tray feeders : Max.52
Specifications for front/rear feeder carts : Max.120 (Tape:4, 8 mm)


Specifications for front/rear tray feeders : Max.12 (Single stick feeder)

Specifications for front/rear feeder carts : Max.28 (Single stick feeder)


Max.40 (Front supply unit : Max. 20 + Rear supply unit : Max. 20)

*1 : Only for main body
*2 : 1 820 mm in width if extension conveyors (260 mm) are placed on both sides
*3 : Dimensions shown are specifications for front/rear tray feeders . Dimensions of specifications for front/rear feeder carts : 2 893 mm
*4 : Excluding the monitor, signal tower and ceiling fan cover.
*5 : 3-nozzle head V2 cannot be installed on NPM-D3
*6 : The 0402 chip requires a specific nozzle/feeder.
*Placement tact time, inspection time and accuracy values may differ slightly depending on conditions.
*Please refer to the specification booklet for details.


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