Yamaha YS24X Pick and Place Machine

Mounting Capability: 54,000CPH
Board size: L50xW50mm to L700xW460mm
Applicable Components: s 0402 - 45mm × 45mm, Height 15mm or less
Weight: Approx. 1,700KG

Yamaha YS24X Pick and Place Machine



Yamaha YS24X Pick and Place Machine

YAMAHA YS24 The new YS24X achieves excellent productivity in relation to surface area and great versatility with its capability to accommodate a wide variety of electronic components, including irregularly shaped components up to 45mm × 45mm and 15mm in height.

Despite its compact platform with a width of just 1.25 m, this model has two multi-heads on independent beams with each head having 10 nozzles in an in-line configuration to achieve a superior mounting capability of 54,000 CPH*1 (0.067 sec./chip: Under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor) and also has the capability to accommodate extra large PCB (printed circuit boards), up to L700 × W460mm. What’s more, this model is complete with the optical verification functions and lighting to enable detection of defects and flaws of all ball electrodes and a coplanarity check*2 function, a large-sized nozzle station designed to hold a large number of nozzles to accommodate a wide range of electronic components and compatibility with the sATS 15-tray × 2 magazine automatic-replacement tray supply unit (option) to enable great flexibility in application.

Versatility to handle components ranging in size from 0402*3 to 45mm × 45mm and a maximum height of 15mm, while also achieving an outstanding mounting capability of 54,000 CPH (0.067 sec./chip: Under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor)

• Two multi-heads, each having 10 nozzles in an in-line configuration for the capability to handle large components and irregularly shaped components

• Fully rigid dual drive two-beam configuration

• Large nozzle station designed to hold a large number of nozzles to accommodate a wide range of electronic components

Compatibility with the sATS 15-tray × 2 magazine automatic-replacement tray supply unit (option) to enable supply of a larger variety of component types

Multi cameras fitted with vertically adjustable side lights. This enables accurate verification and mounting of ball-electrode type components BGA/CSP*4.

Coplanarity checker to detect irregularities in electrode height and direction to ensure reliability of connections for a large number of component electrodes, including QFP/large SOP and BGA/CSP

Compact external dimensions of 1,254 mm in width and 1,687 mm in depth. Depth of 2,020mm when coupled with the sATS tray component supply unit

Capability to handle super-large PCBs (printed circuit boards) (L700 × W460mm) to answer market needs for large flat panel TVs and LED light fixture PCB and large industrial-use PCB mounting

Compatibility with the electric-drive intelligent tape feeder “SS Feeder” that employs microcomputer control to provide high-speed components supply and high-accuracy components positioning, thus ensuring excellent job setup efficiency and enabling job failure prevention functions

High Mounting Quality Guaranteed

• The “MACS (Multiple Accuracy Compensation System)” has been adopted. It compensates for various factors that change accuracy in a complex and multi-faceted manner, guaranteeing a constant mounting accuracy of ?0.05mm.

Actual Operating Ratio increased by Ease of Maintenance

• Nozzles common with the “YS12,” “YS100” and “YS24” have been adopted to ensure superior ease of maintenance.

• Standard provision of a “Blow Station” enables self-cleaning of the nozzle shaft, reducing the amount of maintenance work.

Achieves Superior Ease of Operation

• Graphic display design with superior ease of operation has been adopted. An easy to view and easy to understand man-machine interface achieves very easy operation.

• Higher operating ratio and superior quality control are supported by the below software “Y.FacT” and “IT Option”.

• One of four display languages (Japanese, English, Chinese or Korean) can be selected according to the location where the unit is installed.

Safety and Environmental Considerations

• Device is compatible with CE marking *5 to ensure safe device design, enabling it to be marked around the world.

• Compatible with air supply source of 0.45MPa.

Model Name


Applicable PCB

L50 × W50mm - L700 × W460mm

Mounting Capability

54,000CPH (0.067 sec./CHIP conversion: Optimum conditions established by Yamaha Motor)

Mounting Accuracy

Absolute accuracy (μ + 3σ): ±0.05mm/CHIP, ±0.05mm/QFP
Repeatability (3σ): ±0.03mm/CHIP, ±0.03mm/QFP

Applicable Components

0402 - 45mm × 45mm, Height 15mm or less,
Ball type electrode components applicable
* 32 × 32mm or more needs special nozzle set

Component Types

Tape reel: 96 types (Max.,8mm tape reel conversion)
Tray: 30 types (Max., JEDEC trays conversion)

Power Supply

3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V ±10%

Air Supply Source


External Dimensions

L1,254 × W1,687 × H1,445mm (Main unit only)
L1,254 × W2,020 × H1,545mm (When sATS is installed)

Approx. 1,700kg (Main unit only)
Approx. 1,870kg (When sATS is installed)


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Free parts send to you in machine warranty period.
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1 set machine, mixed order is also welcomed.
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